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Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge

If I could craft my dream job, it would be: running a fabric store (preferably brick & mortar) AND longarming quilts for people AND helping people grow their Instagram presence/online brand.ย  All three, all at once.ย  I have zero chill when it comes to dreams, apparently. Since I'm not in a position to start the… Continue reading Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge

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Catch & Release Project Party!

Last week, I described the lead-up to creating this project and basically got really vulnerable about my summer of imposter syndrome (and also offered zero help, sorry about that. ๐Ÿ˜‚) Today, though, is the reveal of my Catch & Release project!ย  Mathew Boudreax, aka Mister Domestic, put a call out for micro-influencers to create projects… Continue reading Catch & Release Project Party!


August, 2019 (Project List Update)

We're only a week into August, and it feels like this month has been going on forever.ย  Anyone else feel the same? It's interesting networking with people all over North America (and the world!) to see the different shifts everyone goes through each season.ย  In the U.S., lots of kids are either already back in… Continue reading August, 2019 (Project List Update)