About Me

How do I describe myself?

Me; Sept 2018

I’m a Canadian prairie girl married to a Texan.  We met online playing a video game, and together we are MG and JB.  We currently live in Canada, and are in the works to move to the U.S. as soon as possible (to live in TX.  See what I did there?).

Some people grew up playing every sport imaginable.. I grew up doing every type of craft.  Cross stitch, folk art, crochet, chain mail.. you name it, I dabbled in it, but my permanent creative passion is quilting.

I have my Bachelor’s in Sociology, and my career is in retail management.  There’s something about the chaos of retail that appeals to my energetic soul, and I love seeing the impact I have on customers and my staff.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify who I am when I am so many different things.  I’m a huge nerd.  A body-positive CrossFitter.  I am equally happy with a full face of make up as I am with no make up at all.  I eat mostly AIP Paleo, because gluten and dairy make me puff up like a marshmallow and seriously mess with my brain.

This blog was inspired by my husband – he suggested blogging about my quilting adventures, although I think this space will be a little bit of everything.. just like me!