How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Growing an Instagram following is something I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into over the past few months.  I have already surpassed my goal I set for December (and have since revised this goal).  The Sociology major in me loves looking at social behaviour and trends, and I really enjoy discussing and researching social media strategy.


Over the next month, I’ll be posting about how to effectively grow your Instagram following.  I’ll begin with the basics – why you should have an Instagram account, setting up your profile, and how to create a genuine connection in an online community.  Week 2 will cover posting, including photography tips, creating captions, and an introduction to hashtags.  Once I’ve established how to create a great post, I’ll discuss WHAT to post, and when!  And lastly, I’ll cover some other methods, such as giveaways.

Week 1: Instagram Basics
– Why you should be using Instagram, and what to use it for
– Setting up, and refining your profile
– Introduction to building genuine connection

Week 2: Purposeful Posting
– Photography basics
– Creating engaging captions
– Hashtags 101

Week 3: Creating Your Content
– Content calendars
– Posting frequency & scheduling
– Curating a cohesive feed

Week 4: Additional Tips & Tricks
– Action leads to action
– Giveaways
– Other Instagram features

Content will be posted each Monday, beginning June 17th, so bookmark my site and keep checking back.. or better yet, sign up for email updates so you don’t miss a post!

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